BlockChyp, Inc.

5453 Ridgeline Drive, Suite 160

Kennewick, WA  99338

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Tel: (509) 590-1945​


Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on the easiest pricing in the marketplace. BlockChyp only charges above Published Interchange and Assessment rates, everything else is included. With our simple-to-read statements, you know what you are being charged every time.   On a $25 dollar transaction you could pay as low as 42 cents, which is only 1.68%.  Transparency should not have to cost 2.75%.

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No Other Processor is More Secure

Every transaction is triple encrypted for your protection. BlockChyp deploys the latest in encryption technology, going well beyond PCI requirements. This means you'll never have to worry about being the center of a data breach. Your data is always secure with BlockChyp

EMV at the Speed of Swipe

The average EMV chip transaction time is 11 seconds—a painful 11 seconds, while the average swipe transaction is 1.3 seconds. That’s a big difference. 

BlockChyp solved this problem, bringing, bringing our average EMV transaction time to 1.5 seconds. Get more customers through the line during your busiest times of the day and take the anxiety out of taking credit cards. 

Check out what 10 seconds can do for you

Digital Automation

  • Easily store signatures tracked for every transaction.

  • Take advantage of advanced customer engagement features like line item display, surveys, and donation requests. 

  • Upload contracts and gather signatures on the device

  • Get feedback from customers and sort results by transaction type. See what matters most. Easy to set up, easy for the customers to use while they check out.

  • The most secure gift card system ever, utilizing the Blockchain. No processing fees, no monthly fees, no per transaction fees.

  • Automatic updates to the firmware so that you always have state of the art features.

All these features and more are included for free


Ray Meyers, Owner Pet Fun

Rob Crichlow, President, The General Store

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