BlockChyp Announces New Upgrades

September 30, 2020

BlockChyp released a major upgrade overnight packed with a bevy of new features and improvements aimed at both merchants and developers. In addition to a number of under the hood security and scalability improvements, this release includes the following new enhancements:

  • Batch Closure Emails - While batch details have always available via the merchant portal, this data is now more accessible. An email will be sent at the end of each day with batch total reports, making it east for merchants to keep tabs on their deposits.

  • Batch History Filtering - Not only will merchants receive batch closure emails, but they also have the ability to filter batch history by date in the merchant portal. Once the data is filtered, it can even be exported as an Excel compatible CSV file.

  • Partner Statement Download - We have added a partner commission statement download feature with an option to download merchant level data in Excel compatible CSV format.

  • Merchant Search Improvements - We’ve upgraded the search technology used for merchant searches, enabling partners to locate merchants faster based on relevance.

  • Disable PIN bypass - For fraud sensitive merchants, an option to disable PIN bypass has been added. Merchants can now require a PIN for each purchase, lowering the risk of fraudulent transactions.

  • Enhanced Third Party Gift Card Support - Third party gift card system have their quirks, and we’ve enhanced our third party gift card support to be compatible with most major gift card platforms.

  • Security and Threat Detection - Continuing our commitment to secure transactions, several upgrades have been made to increase security and threat detection.

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