BlockChyp Releases New Hands Off Payment Features

March 26, 2020

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had a number of merchants and developers ask about better payment options for curb side pickup, walk up windows, delivery, and drive thru.

We immediately reshuffled our development roadmap to address these urgent needs. Over the last few days the engineering team at BlockChyp has been hard at work implementing new features for merchants struggling to stay safe and afloat during the COVID-19 crisis. We completed our QA cycle yesterday and released these updated features last night.

These features include a new customer database that makes tokenization and saved cards less work for developers. It also includes new API functions that enable merchants to send customers a payment link. When customers click the payment link, our hosted payment page will display an invoice and capture a payment. The invoice can be populated using the same data structure used for terminal line item display for a faster learning curve. The merchant is then notified that the payment has been received. All these new features continue to keep developers out of PCI scope.

These new features have been released to all SDK platforms and the Command Line Interface as of last night.

In addition to these new features, BlockChyp has supported contactless EMV and tokenization from the beginning. BlockChyp supports mobile payments and Contactless EMV for all US card brands plus JCB and UnionPay. A few months ago BlockChyp released a web tokenizer that can be easily incorporated into conventional e-commerce systems or payment forms.

Learn more about the tokenizer here:

And checkout the updated SDK documentation for your platform here:

BlockChyp Platform Version 1.7 / SDK Version 2.2 Release Notes:

  • New Customer Database: Customer records can now be managed directly in BlockChyp via the API or the Merchant Portal. Customers can have multiple saved payment methods and recall them for subsequent transactions.

  • Payment Link API: Developers can use a new API to create and send payment links. This effectively sends customers an invoice via email. The customer clicks a link in the email which takes them to a hosted payment page. Merchants are notified once payments have been submitted.

  • Automatic Batch System Changes: BlockChyp’s batch system has been modified to make batch time changes take immediate effect and the batch system has been adjusted to increase throughput.

  • Token Vault Key Rotation: BlockChyp’s internal token vault has been modified to use continuous rolling encryption key rotation. This increases the frequency of key rotation beyond that required by PCI.

  • Merchant Application Improvements: Merchant time zones are now automatically detected during sign up and new merchant applications include the desired batch closure time. This is intended to eliminate any confusion around batch closure times during merchant setup.

  • New Web Site: We’ve launched a new web site with an improved design and expanded content. The BlockChyp Merchant Dashboard, Developer Portal, and the main BlockChyp web site are now one and the same.

  • Multi-Location Merchant Improvements: New dashboard for organizations with multiple merchants aggregates merchant data and makes adding new locations simpler.

  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements: We’ve also completed a number of minor bug fixes and usability enhancements.