BlockChyp Releases Streamlined Merchant Application Process

April 30, 2021

BlockChyp is proud to announce a new release that contains several new features that benefit both merchants and developers.

The highlight of the release is a more compact merchant application process that features direct integration with Plaid and HelloSign. The release also includes a complete terminal firmware and operating system upgrade, updated SDKs, and new dashboard features.

  • Merchant Application Process - BlockChyp’s merchant on boarding process is even simpler now with a more compact application form and with the help of Plaid integration, merchants can automatically sync their bank account with BlockChyp. There’s no longer any need to lookup routing numbers and account numbers. BlockChyp will capture and verify merchant banking information in a single step. Additionally, BlockChyp will now use HelloSign for merchant application electronic signatures.

  • Firmware Upgrade - This release boasts a complete firmware upgrade, including the terminal operating system. Terminals run even faster now and Equinox has added a new terminal animation to the “present card screen” to help consumers understand how to insert their cards in the terminal.

  • SDK Upgrade - Expiration date information has been added to the standard authorization response in the SDK, letting merchants keep track of card expiration dates if they desire.

  • Partner Commission Statements - Additional information has been added to partner statements to improve transparency. Partner commission statements now have information regarding the buy rate and hard costs.

  • Partner Terminal Orders - BlockChyp now allows partners to place terminal orders on behalf of a merchant. These orders are now linked directly to the merchant account of the partner’s choice.