BlockChyp Revamps Terminal Branding User Interface

November 22, 2021

BlockChyp is excited to announce the last release before the 2021 Holiday Code Freeze. This is the first BlockChyp release to break backwards compatibility in a significant way in that the terminal branding user interface has been completely redesigned.

  • Terminal Groups: Merchants with a large number of terminals are now able to organize them into groups in order to more easily manage settings and branding for terminal fleets. Terminal groups can even be managed down to what logo, slideshow, or video to display during a particular timeframe.

  • Terminal Branding UI: Terminal branding is now managed via a centralized user interface at the terminal, terminal group, merchant, organization, and partner level. Previously, video took precedence over slide shows and slide shows took precedence over logos. The imported branding assets will reflect the old priorities in order to ensure current branding settings remain consistent. In this release branding asset priority is totally configurable via drag and drop.

For a video tutorial click here: