BlueStar Signs Partnership Agreement with BlockChyp

June 17, 2022

Hebron, KY – BlueStar and BlockChyp are joining forces in a partnership agreement to provide a new range of point-of-sale solutions to their customer base.

BlueStar, a leading global distributor of solutions-based technology, and BlockChyp, an integrated payment provider who allows Technology Software Companies to control all aspects of the merchant payment experience, have signed a partnership agreement. As the payment world begins to offer blockchain-enabled payment solutions such as Bitcoin, BlockChyp will provide BlueStar the ability to offer partners a cutting-edge payment platform that capitalizes upon the benefits of Blockchain technology for their customer base.

BlueStar prides themselves on offering a wide-array of Point-of-Sale and Payment Processing solutions for their channel partners. Made complete with hardware, software, and various kitting and P2PE certification services, BlueStar ensures that their partners have a competitive advantage in the market. Adding BlockChyp to BlueStar’s portfolio of participating vendors will prove to be a value to BlueStar’s value-added reseller community.

“The younger consumers are embracing newer payment technologies along with tap and go and this includes cryptocurrency loyalty programs. I am sure that BlockChyp will be an attractive partner for most of our POS Software technology companies. Our Software partners will be able to build BlueStar In-a-Box® Solutions with hardware, software, and BlockChyp payments and loyalty programs,” stated BlueStar’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Fraker.

“BlueStar brings a wealth of ISV and VAR relationships that align with BlockChyp’s vision of supporting dealers through technology. We are excited to learn from BlueStar’s community and provide an integrated payments solution for the point of sale marketplace that is easy to install and control,” stated BlockChyp Founder/CEO Jon Decker.