Chargebacks and Evidence Submission

When a chargeback is initiated by a cardholder with their issuing bank, the following sequence occurs:

  • The customer’s bank notifies BlockChyp of the chargeback.

  • The bank automatically deducts the disputed amount and a dispute processing fee from BlockChyp.

  • BlockChyp deducts the funds from the merchant’s account balance.

  • BlockChyp informs the merchant via email, passing along dispute-related information received from the bank.

After the chargeback case is opened and the contested funds have been deducted, the merchant has an opportunity to submit evidence and make a case that the charge was legitimate and potentially overturn the chargeback.

Evidence Submission

If you believe the dispute is incorrect and want to challenge it, you can submit your evidence supporting the validity of the transaction through the Chargeback Rebuttal Form link you received in your notification email. When you formally submit evidence, BlockChyp sends the evidence to the cardholder’s bank to be reviewed by their investigation team.

Some things to remember when submitting chargeback evidence:

  • Banks will only review evidence one time, so rebuttal evidence can only be submitted one time.

  • You will want to tailor the evidence submission to the chargeback. We provide examples of compelling evidence for your specific type of chargeback in our notification email.

  • The bank will make a decision somewhere between 60-75 days after the evidence due date. The decision is the bank’s alone and the outcome is final.

  • If the dispute is decided in your favor, the disputed funds will be returned to your account.

You can also accept a dispute if the cardholder’s dispute is valid. At this point, the customer has already received their refund via the dispute process. Accepting a dispute is not considered an admission of wrongdoing and is sometimes the most appropriate response.