Enabling Pin/Debit Transactions

Enabling PIN and Debit transactions is a great way to reduce risk and processing fees. Here’s how to do it! WARNING: When enabling or disabling this option, clicking SUBMIT will reboot all terminals on your account. Do this only when you are certain there are no active transactions to interrupt.  

From your BlockChyp dashboard, click the blue SETTINGS button in the top-right corner of the dashboard, and select Merchant Profile.

alt text

Then you’ll want to select the Terminal Settings tab on the right, and add a checkbox for the Use PINs option that’s now at the top of the options list:

alt text

Scroll down to the bottom, and click Submit - remember doing so will reboot all of the terminals active on the account.

*Note: If you do NOT see the USE Pins option on your account, please reach out to your POS partner or email support@blockchyp.com to enable it.

*Checking Enable Pin will give a new option on the pin entry screen on the terminal. This option is enabled by default and allows for a pin bypass which lets the debit run as credit. 

The way PIN Bypass works: On the PIN entry screen, in the lower-left corner, the cardholder will see a ‘bypass’ button. If they choose to, they can select this button to bypass entering the PIN and instead run the debit transaction as credit. It’s commonly helpful when:  

  • The cardholder doesn’t remember their PIN.

  • The cardholder doesn’t have funds in their debit account for the total, but does have funds available on their credit balance.

  • You, as the merchant, want to ensure that all possible debit transactions are run as debit.

Most merchants choose to leave bypass enabled. If you do not want this option available, you will need to uncheck the Enable Pin Bypass box.

Now you’ll be able to take debit and PIN transactions!