Enhancing Payment Processing: New Merchant Dashboard Features

July 24, 2023

Providing a seamless and user-friendly experience is vital for merchants and customers in the ever-evolving payment processing landscape. To enhance the overall user experience, BlockChyp® has introduced various innovative features and improvements to its Merchant Dashboard. These additions aim to empower merchants, streamline transactions, and offer greater visibility into payment-related data.

Rounding Support One of the key new features introduced to the BlockChyp Merchant Dashboard is Rounding Support, designed explicitly for merchants participating in the Cash Discount program. This feature gives merchants greater control over the final payment amount for customer transactions. By adjusting the rounding preference in the portal, merchants can apply rounding to all transactions, regardless of whether they are processed through the portal/VT or POS. Merchants now have the flexibility to round transaction amounts up, down, or to the nearest dollar, depending on their preferences or pricing strategies related to the Cash Discount program. This enhancement empowers merchants to tailor their transaction amounts more effectively.

Tip Reporting Visibility Acknowledging the significance of tips in the service industry, BlockChyp has introduced Tip Reporting Visibility within the Merchant Dashboard. Merchants can now access a comprehensive view of the total tip amounts received per terminal in the Merchant Tools section, specifically in the Batch History detail section. This improvement allows merchants to analyze tipping trends, gain insights into the financial aspects of their transactions, and make informed decisions to optimize their business operations.

Settlement Holds Visibility Understanding the frustration merchants experience when transactions are placed on hold without clear reasons, BlockChyp has addressed this concern by introducing Settlement Holds Visibility. Within the Merchant Dashboard’s Merchant Tools section, merchants can access a dedicated subsection called “Settlement Holds.” This new feature empowers merchants to view the risk parameters associated with settlement holds and identify transactions that exceed these parameters in real time. Previously, transactions falling outside established risk parameters were automatically placed on hold, initiating a time-consuming internal review process. With this enhancement, merchants gain immediate visibility into their transactions, promoting self-sufficiency and efficient management of settlement holds.

Payment Links Detail To offer merchants greater transparency and control over payment methods, BlockChyp has introduced Payment Links Detail. This feature lets merchants view a detailed connection between an invoice and the corresponding credit card transaction. Previously, merchants could only see the transaction itself without any additional details. With Payment Links Detail, merchants gain a comprehensive understanding of their payment history, enabling them to track and manage transactions more effectively.

Centralized Disputed Charges Handling disputed transactions can be a challenging and time-consuming process for merchants. BlockChyp aims to simplify this process by introducing Centralized Disputed Charges within the Merchant Dashboard. When a customer disputes a transaction, merchants typically receive an email notification from BlockChyp and respond accordingly. With the new enhancement, merchants now have access to a centralized overview of all disputed transactions, giving them greater visibility into these cases. This allows for more efficient management and resolution of disputes directly within the dashboard, saving time and effort for merchants.

As the payment industry continues to evolve, BlockChyp® is committed to remaining at the forefront, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of modern businesses.