Find a Transaction/Search Transaction

Finding a transaction is very simple as long as you know one or more of the following:

  • Transaction amount

  • Last four digits of the card

  • Authorization Code

From your BlockChyp dashboard, select Merchant Tools on the left, then select Search Transactions and enter one of the above values (transaction amount, last four, 6 character auth code, or part of the cardholder’s name).

alt text

alt text

Tips for searching:
  • You can click on the masked-out card number in the results to see Transaction Details.

  • Transactions with amounts in the thousands will need a comma.


1,234.56 will work 

1234.56 will not work

  • Searching by transaction date or date range is not currently supported.

  • If you don’t see a result within a couple of seconds, the search is done and did not find anything to display

  • You can use wildcards “*” in your search, but you will get a larger amount of results as you are searching multiple fields.