Free Statement Review Tool

September 24, 2019

Credit processing statements are intentionally over complicated. The processors hopes their customers will be too confused to notice they’re being taken advantage of, and it works. We at BlockChyp know all too well the low base transaction rates that entice a merchant are padded with many hidden fees which add up and chip away at your revenue.

We built our system based on honesty and transparency about our fees, but we feel that’s not enough. It’s time we help bring that same honesty and clarity to the industry - and we want to show you what you’re actually being charged by your current processor. We’ve built a no-strings-attached statement analysis tool so you can see exactly how much money is being lost to exorbitant fees. We don’t ask for your email or a phone number - but if you’re too busy, just reach out to us and we’re happy to run an analysis for you.

It’s easy to instantly get a good idea of what common processors charge based just on your transaction volume; but if you want to see exactly how much and where you’re being overcharged you can quickly enter some transaction details and shine a light on your business, or use the information to negotiate with your current processor. You’ve earned each dollar and keep a close eye on all aspects of your business, it’s time that your credit card fees get that attention. Transparency is for everyone.

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