Invite a User

Inviting users enables the main account holder to assign specific dashboard permissions to other users (i.e., employees). 

To invite a user:

Navigate to your Merchant Dashboard

  • Select Merchant Tools.

  • Select Users.

alt text

  • Select the Invite User button in the top-right corner.

alt text

From this page, you are able to invite and assign permissions to each individual user.

alt text

Some important things to note about Permissions:
  • Assign all permissions to a user - Select Standard Merchant - Access to everything

  • Assign batch emails - Select Can view batch history, reports, and transaction information plus statements and billing history.

After all permissions are assigned to the user, click the Submit button. The invited user will receive an email with instructions to create an account.

PLEASE NOTE: Users can only be invited to a single merchant location.  Please contact BlockChyp Support at 509-590-1945 to invite a user to an organization.