Merchant Testimonial

July 10, 2019

Our retail business has been utilizing a combination of PC-operated point-of-sale and a third-party credit card authorization and capture systems for over twenty-five years. This combination of software systems has always been a challenge to operate in the past, as integration issues have been experienced over the years that credit and debit cards have evolved. Most recently with the new standard of chip cards and EMV compliance, our integrated point-of-sale and card authorization system has produced many complications and extremely slow processing speeds. Our customers became irritated with the errors in processing, frequently down processing networks and the time lags waiting for cards to authorize. Our managers were spending so much time waiting on hold with our card processing company in an attempt to resolve these many issues.

We were happy to hear of a company named BlockChyp that uses a new approach to card processing, and also integrates with our point-of-sale system. The setup couldn’t have been easier, with a real-time web portal that connects with unique and modern card terminals over an broadband Ethernet connection. The blazing speed of authorization was the first thing we noticed! No more waiting - in less than two seconds we have an approval. Our customers are amazed and our personnel love the first class and timely customer service. We have never been put on hold while waiting for a service agent, and the representatives know their system so well, we get results quickly, not a promise to call back at some time in the future.

I can say without reservations, BlockChyp has solved our many issues of system integration, speed of processing and customer service, while offering a competitive and favorable processing fee to our old processing company. If you are starting up a business, or you have an existing operation, I would recommend you look very closely at BlockChyp and see how they stack up to the competition.

Ray Meyers

Owner - 25 years

Pet Fun

Salinas, CA