BlockChyp's mission to change the payments industry

April 28, 2023

Four years ago BlockChyp® set out on a mission to change the payments industry.

In April of 2019 Jeff Payne and Jon Decker took a leap of faith and installed their first terminal in a customer’s store, Pet Fun in Salinas California. It was new technology, but they believed in its potential to revolutionize the way payments are processed.

Former POS and SaaS engineers, they decided to build a simple and secure integrated payments platform… from scratch. “We are technology first. We built this platform from the ground up” Jeff, CTO of BlockChyp. “We are extremely grateful for Pet Fun’s trust in us from the beginning.” added Jon, CEO of BlockChyp.

“We had planned to be on site inside Pet Fun for four days, fixing potential problems.” recalls Jeff. “Everything was up and running before the store opened its doors to customers, so we went across the street to a pizza place and watched the logs, checking constantly for problems.” There was only one minor issue, which Jeff fixed while sitting in the pizza place. “We spent the whole week just watching our monitoring platforms so we could swoop in at a moment’s notice, but everything went fine.”

The company has rapidly risen in the industry since its start in 2019. Less than four years later BlockChyp celebrated a “three commas” milestone and is now the 63rd largest payment processor in the U.S. A canvas print of the first terminal in a store is displayed in BlockChyp’s corporate office as a reminder of their beginning.

BlockChyp’s growth is a testament to Jon & Jeff’s approach to payment processing, founded on their belief in flexibility, innovation, and, most importantly - transparency. “As a company, we prioritize honesty in our business. Our merchant and partner statements are simple, straightforward, with zero hidden fees,” says Jon. “We set out on a mission to be innovative and initiate change. Today, we’re proud to say that was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

How have the past four years gone for BlockChyp’s very first customer? Jon & Jeff connected with Ray Meyers of Pet Fun on this anniversary, Ray shared “I have enjoyed our relationship over the last four years and never considered we were taking a chance with your endeavor. You guys are talented and innovative. You offered a solution to our problems with speed of authorization, excellent POS integration and personal service that was flexible to our specific needs. You simply built that better mouse trap.”

So what was purchased on that first transaction in 2019? Jeff bought cat treats for his cat.

BlockChyp® is a leading payments processor that provides flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its innovative platform provides a streamlined solution and full control to manage payments, without worrying about the complexities of payment processing. BlockChyp’s engineers and customer support team are based in Provo, Utah.