PAX Terminal Emergency Transition Support

October 27, 2021

BlockChyp is closely monitoring new revelations from security analyst Brian Krebbs about potentially serious security issues with PAX terminals and active law enforcement and counterintelligence investigations underway in the United States and Europe.

While BlockChyp cannot attest to the accuracy of the claims made against PAX, we are receiving a number of inquiries about the matter and wanted to clarify our relationship with PAX.

BlockChyp has no relationship with PAX, does not use PAX terminals, and never has.

However, conversations we’ve had in the last few hours have made it clear that many companies in the payments industry, including ISVs, are faced with tough decisions in the hours and days ahead. In response we’ve temporarily modified a few of our standard procedures and practices to help our friends in the payment industry who may be under duress at this time.

We’ve cleared the schedules of our engineering team and stopped work on our development roadmap to assist ISVs who need to transition rapidly. ISVs who require integration assistance will receive overnight shipping on developer kits. Any ISVs who happen to be based in Utah will receive a development kit within hours via courier.

Our engineering team will directly support ISVs seeking rapid integration, even codeveloping the integration alongside the ISVs if skillsets are aligned and time permits. Depending on the point-of-sale architecture, this process could be completed within hours with the BlockChyp engineering team assisting directly.

We’re working closely with Equinox and our banking partners to ensure availability of terminals and rapid underwriting approval for transitioning merchants.

BlockChyp will not raise rates or fees in response to the crisis.

Please forward any inquiries about our emergency transition program to Jon Decker (