Release 1.29

These new features and improvements from BlockChyp® were designed to enhance the user experience. Thank you for being our valued customer.

Payment Links Improvements

We are improving our payment links to make them more robust, reliable, and easy to use. We have updated the error handling of payment links and are releasing two new APIs, which will vastly improve the experience of working with payment links.

Automated Reversal Protocol

An automated reversal will be triggered if a timeout occurs while processing a payment link transaction. This automation will address instances where a timeout disrupts the processing of a payment link transaction.

If a transaction is interrupted due to a network issue, the customer’s card is still authorized, and the funds might be held for several days. The automated reversal protocol acts as a guardrail against this potential imbalance. When an error or timeout is detected during the processing of a payment link transaction, a series of steps will promptly reverse the transaction, ensuring that the cardholder’s account is appropriately credited.

We recognize that maintaining integrity in financial transactions is paramount, and this new automated reversal protocol adds an extra layer of assurance.

Resend Link API

The Resend Link API will resend a payment link to a customer if they have not paid it yet, reminding them to pay their invoice. This new functionality will allow merchants to establish customized reminder schedules for outstanding invoices.

Resend example:

alt text

Merchants can conveniently tailor the frequency and content of reminders to suit their specific preferences and business needs. This level of flexibility further emphasizes our commitment to putting the control back into the hands of our customers.

Payment Link Status API

We are excited to introduce another addition to our suite of developer tools - the new Payment Link Status API. This API provides a single source of truth regarding the status of a payment link. The API provides more verbose details about the payment link, its status, and transaction history related to a payment link.

Developers can use this API to retrieve up-to-the-minute status updates and transaction information for all payment link transactions. Its integration can reduce transaction-related support queries, improve decision-making, and strengthen merchant-customer relationships.