Release 1.31

We are excited to announce several improvements made by our development team. Thank you for being a valued BlockChyp® customer.



In the Orders section an enhancement has been made to the Order Terminals cart. Now included in the drop-down Menu on the top right of the screen is an option to clear cart.

alt text


A setting has been added in Admin to allow batch closure notifications to be sent immediately without delay.


In this latest update, when Cashback and EBT are enabled PIN will automatically also be enabled. Previously, when either Cashback or EBT were disabled, the Pin option also disabled, this minor issue has now been resolved.


Merchant Application Updates

The Merchant Application has been updated to aid in user experience and assist in the gap of possible missing/incorrect information on the application. This update includes resolving Hellosign errors when submitting an application, the restriction of PO Boxes, an update on required fields and verbiage in volumes section.

Additionally, Merchant Application signature requests will now be sent to the appropriate owners, and Applications for additional locations will have the ability to be pre-filled with common relevant information.

Staging Environment Update

We have implemented an updated staging environment for additional testing before a release. This will allow testing of new enhancements before they are put into production.