Release 1.31.1

In this Release, the BlockChyp® development team has resolved two issues to enhance the user experience. Thank you for being a valued BlockChyp® customer.

Merchant Portal

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In 2023, MFA was added to the login screen in the merchant portal, requiring users to complete the MFA process to log in successfully. The purpose of adding MFA was to enhance the security of the merchant portal, making the authentication process less susceptible to unauthorized access.

An issue occurred during the MFA login process; the login request initiated numerous texts that continuously contained the verification code. This issue impacted the ability of users to log in while the MFA system was looping. In this Release, the looping issue with MFA has now been resolved.

Historical Transactions

When performing a historical transaction search, transactions that occurred before July of 2023 were not returned in the search results. With this Release, all historical transactions will now populate in the search results, including transactions before July of 2023.