Release Version 1.26.5

BlockChyp® is excited to announce many improvements for this release. The team continues to work hard to bring you an improved and enhanced experience.

New Functionality

BlockChyp® has incorporated the new functionality of an option for terminal sideloading, as well as the integration of CartInSlot with Terminal Status Response. Additionally, the platform now includes a rounding mode feature, which can be customized through API when surcharges apply.


Our terminals have been upgraded to support gift cards that do not require a check digit, providing a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.

Tips & Signatures

We have successfully addressed an issue that was disabling the use of custom tips. Your customers can now easily input a personalized tip without any inconvenience. In this latest release, BlockChyp® has also enhanced the reliability of Signature Capture in cloud relay mode.

Line Items

BlockChyp® has introduced a new feature on the 8500 model, which allows scrolling for the Line Item Display. This feature enables users to conveniently search for a particular item directly on the terminal.

Terminal Updates

The latest update to Splunk logs incorporates the terminal serial number, eliminating the need to search for a specific terminal. Also additional Terminal Statuses are available via the status API.